Small, furry animals with large cheek pouches and short, pointed tails are called hamsters. They are known for their adorable appearance. These little rodents are mostly found in the wild, and some are popular house pets. Around 20 different hamster species are found all over Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa, in habitats ranging from deserts and plains to dunes and agricultural areas. There is only one highly endangered species in the world: the European brown hamster.

There’s a lot to learn about these adorable balls of fluff, from their complex burrows to their ever-expanding incisors. You may be surprised to learn the following facts about hamsters.

Living in Wilderness

They can be found throughout Europe and Asia, mainly in stony or desert terrain. Significant temperature swings in each of these locations are a common feature. The brown hamsters you may buy in a pet store are not wild.

Active Time

You can count on your new hamster to be most busy in the late evenings and early mornings. This isn’t true for every hamster, though. While the most prevalent breed, Syrian hamsters, rarely get up during the day, dwarf hamsters do. Avoid waking up your brown hamster if it doesn’t wake up on its own during the day.

Short-term Memory

Their cage will remain etched in their minds, including where they should go to the loo, eat, and play. They may know you, but don’t hold your breath waiting for it to happen. However, this does not imply that they are incompetent in any way.

Color Blindness

They are born completely blind, like most other animals. It doesn’t get any better once they get their sight. A few inches in front is all they can see, and it’s in black and white. They should never be placed in high places or carried around to keep them safe.

Ever-Growing Teeth

They can keep growing if they don’t eat with their front teeth. Most rodents are like this. Chewing with overgrown front teeth may cause discomfort. They could even have their tongues punctured as a result. Their front teeth could break due to an accident, preventing them from eating normally.

Puffy Cheeks

In terms of weight, they are almost as heavy as 30 pounds of food.  Isn’t it incredible? Their cheek pouches are enormous. They can grow like balloons by extending halfway down their bodies. This is because they tend to accumulate things. They keep their food in their shelter and eat it later when they feel protected from predators. Hamster Teddy Bear Hamster Guide: Coat, Diet, & Caging


The lifespan of most hamsters is two years. Three-year-old Syrian hamsters are the norm for regular hamsters. Brown hamsters often have a lifespan of fewer than two years due to their sensitivity to fear and vulnerability to shock. Salmonella, long-tail illness, and obesity are all common causes of death for these animals.

Not a Suitable Pet for Kids

Children between 8 and 10 are too young to care for a hamster independently. Some hamster breeds feel uncomfortable when touched and may even attack if they feel threatened. If young people are not careful, hamsters can attack them. So, if you are planning to keep a hamster, make sure it’s under your supervision.

Cleanliness Freaks

Unlike many other pets, Hamsters do not require regular bathing. This species is notoriously conscientious when it comes to personal hygiene.

Brown hamster populations have drastically declined despite conservation, tracking, and reintroduction efforts in some areas of their habitat. The greatest dangers to them are posed by shifting agricultural methods, urbanization, pollution, and the effects of global warming. We need conservation plans in every country to keep them from going extinct.

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