The Goldendoodle is a famous dog breed and is often considered a great family pet because of its easy-going nature.  And that’s why it is so common to meet one or two Goldendoodles when going to the park.

And the most interesting thing is you will love golden doodle but do not want the same golden doodle that your neighbour has as a pet. So for that, you can go for a black Goldendoodle.

Black Goldendoodles have all the great traits that cream, red and apricot-coloured golden doodles have but they are unique and less common.

Coat Types

The black Goldendoodles come in various different types of coats. The reason behind this variation is the dominant genes from their parents. Poodles have curly hairs while the golden retrievers have straight hairs, the black Goldendoodles may have a combination of both curly and straight hairs. Every coat is different in texture that needs different types of care and grooming to make sure that your doodle feels and looks perfect.

Curly Coat: 

Curly Black  Goldendoodle

Balck Goldendoodles with curly hairs get their look from their parents. But the tightness and length of curls can be different in this breed. Some doodles have coats with tight curls while others have loose curls. Curly black Goldendoodles are perfect for those with allergy problems because they shed less but need daily brushing to avoid matting. You can also cut the hair short to avoid this issue.

Wavy and Shaggy Coat: 

Wavy Black Goldendoodle

Wavy and Shaggy coat is the most common coat in black Goldendoodle. It is the combination of poodle’s curly hairs and golden retriever’s straight hair. A wavy and Shaggy coat is easy for grooming because it does not shed more just like the curly coat but it needs brushing once a week.

Straight Coat:

Straight Black Goldendoodle


This straight coat is the same as the Golden”s Retriever straight coat. But the black Goldendoodles with the straight coats are rare. Black Goldendoodles with straight hairs require weekly brushing and this type of coat sheds more than a curly and wavy coat.


Both Goldendoodles and black Goldendoodles have amazing temperaments that make them great pets. They have the best personality traits that an ideal puppy pet should have and they are highly intelligent, friendly and gentle dogs. Their friendly behaviour makes them a perfect family dog even for those that have small kids in the family. Adopting a black Goldendoodle will make a great family addition.

Furthermore, this dog breed is so special and they start misbehaving when you do not give them the proper attention and love they want. They are also highly intelligent and are quick learners and are receptive to training. They are also well-known as service dogs because of their high level of intelligence. Make sure that your dog is socialized and getting enough love and attention.


You also have many options when it comes to the size of your black  Goldendoodle. You can choose a miniature, medium or standard-sized Goldendoodle. But if you are looking for a black Goldendoodle breeder then keep in mind the size of their poodle parents. Because it completely depends on the poodle parents and how long your Goldendoodle will grow.

Lifespan and Health

These dogs live the life of about 10 to 15 years. They usually develop fewer health problems than other dog breeds and are generally healthy dogs. But sometimes they are exposed to some health issues and they may also get diseases from their parents if they have any as same as they inherit their temperament and coat.

Below are some health problems of the black puppies.

Hip Dysplasia:

This usually happens in large black Goldendoodles but it can be treated with medications. It is also common among the golden retrievers and the poodles.

Patellar Luxation:

The dogs with this health condition need surgery for the treatment. Patellar Luxation also happens in the parent breeds in which the knee-cap move from its position.

Sebaceous Adenitis:

This condition mostly affects the skin of black Goldendoodles. Sebaceous Adenitis is the result of inflamed glands in the skin of your dog. Give your dog special-made food to prevent Sebaceous Adenitis and also use special shampoo if your dog is infected with this.


Black Goldendoodle is a rare dog breed so there is a high demand for them in the market. The average price of a black Goldendoodle typically start from $1500 and can be as maximum as $3000. The prices of these dogs can be varied according to the coat type and size of the dogs. As mentioned above these dogs also need grooming to maintain them healthy and beautiful. There is also a grooming cost, also you have to buy shampoo and specialized food to avoid skin sensitivities.


Now you know a lot about the black Goldendoodles so you can decide easily if this breed is right for you or not. These are highly intelligent dogs and so are easy to train. Also, they are friendly in nature and can be great companions. If you have decided to get one, go for a reputable source so you will have the healthiest dog possible that can give you happy memories of many years.

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