Whether you’re a cat owner or not, we can all agree that no additional trained cat has a rap very like black cats.

Wonder to know that black cats have remained central character in various events like Halloween, witchcraft, and bad fortune. So there are many positive black cat facts to explain.

Impressive black cats have remained classical Halloween icons. They were considered the best costume option for girls and elementary-aged kids in their freshman year of college. Strangely enough, but do you notice that how they got this type of rap that’s scary?

Halloween cat

Starting in the Middle Ages, the poor black cats became associated with Satan, witches, and witchcraft. A few people went so far as to think that black cats were companions to witches as witches that had taken on another form.

This widespread superstition caused the horrific mass killing of black cats and sometimes even their owners.

Besides continuing to represent all things frightful, the fear of cats still has any power today. Many animal shelters will not put black cats in houses throughout October to fear them being used sacrificially. So I will share 4 untold black cat facts you will wonder to know.


Fact 1: Black Cats Can Bring happiness to Your Life

happy cat

Dismiss the stereotypical definition of this eternal single cat woman. One of the black cat facts is, it is believed that black cats can boost your love life in some regions.

In Great Britain’s English Midlands, a black cat is the perfect wedding present; they are thought to bring good luck and happiness to the bride.


Fact 2: Black Cats Can Make Your Luck

lucky cat

The cozy black cats not only make your life better, but they can awaken your good luck and improve your finances also.

Historically, sailors attracted cats aboard boats to search mice–and, presumably, for companionship. But British sailors believed a brave black cat could bring the boat good luck and make sure a safe return home.

It was a little more complicated for pirates, however. They believed that when a black cat walks towards you, it’s bad luck. Unlikely, it is good luck when it goes away. Further, if a cat mounted the boat and then jumped off, the ship would sink.

For many people not in a maritime profession, a black cat coming at your doorstep signals prosperity (a common belief in Scotland). If a black cat crosses your path, it is considered a good luck signal (in England and Ireland).


Fact 3: Black Cats Can Fight Against Disease

strong cat

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health discovered that the genetic mutations which cause cats to have black coats could offer them some protection against diseases.

The mutations affect the same genes that offer HIV immunity to humans. Cats can experience lots of the same health problems as we do–cancer, HIV, and Alzheimer’s, to name a couple. So they make ideal models for studying human disease.

It has become easy to prevent diseases in humans. So researchers should figure out how cats develop immunity for diseases.


Fact 4: Black Cats Can Change Color of their Fur

smart cat

If your black cat comes with a tabby stripe gene and loves to spend his days lounging in the sun, his fur can turn a rusty brown color. Why? The sun’s beams break down the pigment in their fur to show the inherent tabby stripes.

So we should not judge a black cat by its color and find out the history of black cats. You will come to know how they became Halloween icons, in which they’re considered a symbol of good fortune. You will also learn how positively your black cat will help you and your family protect against various diseases. So if you are going to pet a cat, a black cat is the best choice for you. Let us know anything you want to know about these pretty black cats in the comments section. Stay happy!

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