Out of all the cats in the world, black cats get the worst reputation. Only because of the color of their coat. People turn away when they see them in the streets, because of an old superstition. And there are hundreds of old wives’ tales that feed all this craziness against black cats. In reality, Black Cat Breeds are the sweetest cats in the world, and in some regions, they are revered. Even scientists believe that black cats are healthier than other cats, the color of their coats is because of genetics which also keeps some diseases away from them. In a way, black cats are actually superior to other cats. The only thing is that our beliefs and some folk tales have given them a very bad rep. So if you find yourself changing your mind about getting a black cat breed as a pet, here are some options for you.

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Best Black Cat Breeds: Bombay Cat

Black Cat Breeds

The Bombay cat is a cross between 2 other cat breeds and it is very easy to take care of, thanks to its size and short coat. This medium-sized cat is very friendly with all members of the family, even four-legged ones.

Japanese Bobtail Cat

This cat breed is also medium in size but there is a catch, most of these little guys are bi-colored. So you may not be able to find a solid black colored Japanese bobtail cat. They fall into the category of affectionate cats and enjoy petting as much as the next cat.

Scottish Fold Cat

As the name shows, they are known for their peculiar folded ears. They have big sweet eyes that put them at the top of any cat breed and a round face that can be very expressive, it gives the puppy dog eyes a run for their money. They enjoy following their humans around the house and are very playful.

Persian Cat

Black Cat Breeds

Persian cats are one of the most popular black cat breeds in the world, if not the most popular. These fluffy little hairballs are a joy to own as a pet. But be warned, the Persian cat breed has a long coat and requires regular grooming. You will have to give this cat some extra attention. They are high maintenance for sure.

American Bobtail Cat

The American Bobtail cat breed was bred to survive tough environments. This cat is very intelligent as a result and just as loving to humans. They can be medium to large-sized, so be aware of that if you decide to get this cat breed.

American Curl Cat

One of the sweetest-looking cat breeds is the American Curl. They have unique ears that curve backward instead of standing straight up. A fair warning about this cat breed, they do not like to be left alone. They need to socialize so keep them around only if you can give them the time they need.

British Shorthair Cat

Black Cat Breeds

If you are looking for a cat breed with a different personality then British Shorthair is for you. They don’t really like to sit on laps but they will follow you around at times. They come in a pure black coat so they are perfect for black cat breed lovers.

Oriental Cat

Closely related to the Siamese cat breed, the Oriental cat is slender with long legs and has unique triangular face and ear shapes. They are very intelligent and love to play with children and adults alike.

Maine Coon Cat

Black Cat Breeds

Being a large-sized cat shouldn’t keep you from getting the black Maine Coon. They are amazingly sweet and the thick coat makes them a perfect pet for regions that get extremely cold. This black cat breed also makes for a great therapy cat. They do require a bit more grooming when compared with short-haired cats.

Cornish Rex Cat

Black Cat Breeds

These impish cats are very sociable. They have small faces and big ears. They also have striking eye colors. Cornish Rex has a velvety coat that just begs to be petted all the time. Their curly hair is also a unique feature of this car breed.


Most of the Black Cat Breeds mentioned above come in pure black coats. Some do have bi-colors that just add to their personality. You should do your due diligence about the cats before you decide to get one. Each breed has unique needs and grooming requirements. Only get the cat that you know for sure you can take care of easily. The cat will be a member of your family so they also have to be able to get along with everyone, even other pets. If you don’t have other pets, you can get away with getting a cat that is not very social. And when you do get a black cat, do make sure to educate everyone around you about how affectionate and great they are. For more check out The Cutest Black Cat Breeds in The Market Today.

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