Ball python has become one of the most popular pets in the United States. If you are planning to get a snake pet, just search Ball Python For Sale online. Another term used for a ball python is royal python as they have exotic textures and patterns which make them very popular. Ball python morphs are easy to handle because of their small size and also they are nonvenomous. According to the Reptile Database, there are around 41 species of ball pythons. Due to the hype of ball pythons since the start of the 1990s, there has been an increase in the number of breeders. There are currently many successful breeders in the US, breeding different exotic and unique species. The rarest the breed is, the more expensive it gets. If you have a craze for keeping a snake as a pet then you really need to do your research about these exotic ball python morphs as they need serious care and attention. Read the full article to know some fun facts about ball pythons.

The Top 3 Most Popular Ball Python For Sale

The Albino ball python species is one of the popular pythons. They have both yellow and white colors. Sometimes these pythons can have only a yellow or off-white color too because of the lack of dark pigments. This ball python has pink or red eyes because of their albinism and is admired by snake lovers. Another popular ball python morph is called the Blue Eyed Leucistic. This morph is pure white and has blue eyes as the name suggests. This morph is not albino, although it looks like one. The scales, skin, and other features are white because of no pigmentation such as melanin. If you want your pet ball python snake to be white then you should go for it. A spider ball python is another species in demand since the 1990s. Due to their unique coloration and different genetic patterns, they caught the eye of many snake keepers. They are considered to be the oldest python morphs.

Ball Python’s Lifespan

Ball Python For Sale

According to the studies, an average lifespan of a ball python is 30 years. Some of the ball pythons can also live up to 45 years as long as they are not in the wild. If they are fed correctly and given proper care, they will make up for more years. However, they cannot survive in the wild. Getting a ball python snake is a lifetime commitment. They are easy to keep as a pet because of their submissive nature. Also, they are very playful and love to cuddle. If you are a snake lover, you will love keeping a ball python in your house as a pet.

Female Pythons Are Larger Than The Male

Ball Python For Sale

Another fun fact about the ball python is that the female python is larger than the male python. The average length of a male ball python is around 3-4 feet while female pythons can group up to 5-6 feet. In addition to that, female pythons can lay up to 5-6 eggs on average which is why snake breeders prefer to keep female ball pythons. They are more costly as compared to male ball pythons because they carry offspring.

Unique Patterns And Textures

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Ball pythons have unique patterns and colors which make them popular. They have muscular bodies with patterns on the body and bulging eyes. The neck is usually narrower than a ball python’s head. Each species has different variations of colors however, many of them have a yellow or white base color with black patterns over that. Some of them even have brown spots with an off-white base color. Usually, the patterns and stripes on a ball python’s body give an earthy touch to blend with nature.


You will find a variety of Ball Python For Sale with exotic appearances, docile nature, and unique species. Ball pythons make up a very friendly pet. They are small and can be handled easily. Ball python morphs are famous among snake breeders and are kept as a pet by many people. There are around 41 species and each has a very different and beautiful appearance because of the mutation that occurs randomly. The idea of owning a ball python as a pet became prevalent in the 1990s. The name has a “ball” in it because they curl up when they are scared. Curling up is their defense mechanism and snake lovers find it cute and adorable. Although the ball pythons are small, they still need care, time, and effort. An average ball python’s lifespan is up to 45 years which is a long-term commitment. It is best to do your research and talk to people who already have ball pythons before getting one as a pet. Check out the most popular Ball Python Morphs

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