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Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Pros and Cons as a Pet



The main reason for adopting a dog is their love and companionship with you. Dogs proved to be great friends and protectors. But there are many things to know before petting a dog. There may be pros and cons of petting a dog, but the real joy a dog brings to a family is replaceable.

The Australian Shepherd also called Aussie is the most famous dog breed in the United States US. They were firstly identified in the US in the 1840s. This is a wonderful dog breed, loyal to its owners and friendly with other dogs and children. They are considered the most entertaining, fun, hardworking pets and service dogs. Aussies have great energy and affection for their owners. But like with many other dog breeds, this breed also has pros and cons. The benefits and drawbacks of an Aussie are mainly dependent on the expectations of the individual dog owner. This breed shows fewer cons when kept busy or entertained.

Here, we are describing some of the most common and important pros and cons of Australian Shepherd owners must know about this breed.


1. They are pro-loyal

Australian shepherds have an inherent protective streak and may be suspicious of strangers. This ability makes them excellent watchdogs. Let them appropriately and early socialized, so they will learn to adapt to household guests.

They thrive on human friendship and also when they are giving a service to their owners. They are very responsible and give alert to their pet-parents in danger

2. They are Pro-Personable

Yes, they are pro-personable, having wonderful personalities with fast learning abilities, and are friendly with families and other dogs. They are high-energy dogs but it does not mean that they are aggressive and annoying, they are friendly and make ideal companionship in the household.

Sometimes they pinch or nip people but it can be avoided by early training and daily exercise. They are excellent and playful pets, mostly in fetch or running alongside a bicycle.

3. They are Easy to Train

Aussies are the quickest learners and are one of the smartest breeds. As they are high energy dogs, they learn tasks and tricks quickly. These dogs are best for agility competitions. You should keep a strong eye on them because of their curious mind. It is one of the smartest dog breeds in the world.

4. They are Climate Adoptable

Aussies have a beautiful double fur coat, which protects them from all kinds of climate change. The inner fluffy coat acts as insulation in hot or cold weather while the outer hard coat acts as a waterproof barrier. This makes them a good companion for those living in areas with climate variations, outdoor sports, and farms or ranches. It means that they can tolerate any weather because of their double coat.

5. They are not too small nor too big

Aussies have a medium size with an average weight of 50-65 pounds male and 40-55 pounds female and maybe as tall as 23 inches male and 18-21 inches female. So, they are easy to train, for walks and good for travel in cars. For those who want smaller dogs, now breeders provide miniature versions of smaller Australian shepherds to them. They can easily gain weight, so need daily exercise to maintain weight so management will be easy.

6. They are Great Family Pets

Aussies are friendly and playful to their owners. They love playing with owners and with other dogs. If you are looking for a good and friendly pet dog, then an Australian shepherd will be the right one for you. They love their owners and are very loyal to them.

7. They Are Incredibly Intelligent

Yes, this breed is so intelligent that’s why they can be easily trained. They can smell the danger even from miles. If you are looking for a dog to look after your home, Aussie’s will be best for you. They catch and learn everything very quickly.

8. They Are So Energetic

Aussies have tons of energy and that’s why they require daily exercise to maintain their weight. They become destructive or get bored when you do not exercise your puppy daily. If you exercise them daily, socialized them, and involved them in outdoor activities they will be great pets.

9. They Love Their Owners Awfully

This breed is good for families having children and cats. They make a strong bond with their owners. They cannot see their owners in difficulty and love them deeply. In short, this breed is ideal for family households because they are not aggressive.


1. Their High Energy Can Cause Destruction

They are bred to be herding and are working dogs and have very high energy. They require daily exercise to maintain their body because of their high energy content. If they do not exercise, they can get bored or cause damage. Play and exercise with your dog and do not leave them alone because they get bored and become aggressive.

2. Their Fur Shed

They have a lot of fur on their body that’s means they need a lot of grooming. Mostly their owners use a brush weekly to remove extra fur or release matted clumps. Aussies shed their fur excessive twice yearly, so their owners have to increase brushing to remove excess fur and give them frequent baths where possible. Some Aussies enjoy the grooming process but some become annoying. For a better experience start grooming your puppy early.

3. They may have Eye Issues

They are normally predisposed to some eye diseases which may cause difficulty for them and their owners too. These eye problems may include cataracts, colobomas, detached retina, and some others. So before buying an Aussie for you, check their parent’s recent eye exam reports from breeders. But if you have bought it already, you can schedule routine eye check-ups or an Ophthalmology exam of your puppy from a veterinarian. Not all the Australian shepherd go through these eye disorders, some live fully content lives without any illness or eye disease but you need to understand the risks before buying an Aussie for you.

4. They may go Through Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is the common genetic malformation in the socket of the hips. Some dogs go through this including Australian Shepherd. If not treated on the time, then it may lead to arthritis pain and even surgery because of improper wear and tear. Potential buyers can seek the puppy’s parent hip health record from breeders. Those dogs having daily exercise routines may also go through some health issues.

5. They are Drug Sensitive

Like many other herding dogs, this breed is also seen to have drug sensitivity. Drugs can be toxic to them sooner than many other dogs. Signs which are mostly seen when Australian Shepherd is kept near to drugs are incoordination, coma, depression, and hypersalivation. Drug sensitivity may even cause the death of an Aussie.

6. They Are Known For Their Herding Instinct

Australian Shepherd has an overwhelming impulse to hurt everything which moves. It may include other dogs, cats, even birds, humans, and many other things. If you are kind of an inactive or lazy person, then this breed will be too much for you because Aussies require time and effort. You need to be active to handle and train this breed.

7. They Require A Lot Of Exercises And Mental Stimulation

Australian Shepherd having strong herding instinct, they require a lot of exercise daily and enough mental stimulation. You need to give your Aussie exercise and mental stimulation both to keep his body and mind healthy. Your dog can be destructive or aggressive if not given proper exercise and mental stimulation.

8. Some Of Them Are Hard To Handle

Not all but some Aussies have different mindsets or temperaments and cause problems for their owners. When an Aussie is aggressive then it is difficult to handle than any other dog. Mostly female Aussies are smarter and know how to get what they want. Some are stubborn and dominant, they do not listen to their owners. To avoid all these behaviors it is mandatory to give Respectful training.


Australian Shepherd is considered the most energetic, friendly, entertaining, and powerful breed. This breed will be good for you if you are an active owner. But in case you are a busy person or kind of lazy then this is not an ideal pet for you. Because this breed demands a lot of time and effort otherwise they may start showing drawbacks. If you have an Aussie as a pet, take proper care of them and make them happy and satisfied.

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