Super talented and devoted, the Australian Kelpie would make a great addition to your family!

We are here to help you in making the right choice, whether this breed would be a good fit for you or not. It is an energetic dog breed that has effortless mobility, hard muscle tone and demonstrates its ability for relentless work. The Australian Kelpie is versatile enough to withstand the dry conditions and the demanding heat. Moreover, it has a knack for working sheep whether in closed or open yards.


This breed was originated in the late 1800s with Scottish and British Collie-type dogs. Being an active dog breed, Australian Kelpie is so popular in Australia and also capable of surviving in the harsh conditions that include rough terrain, dust storms, heat, and vast distances. The name of the breed came from the breed foundation, named Kelpie. Today, this energetic breed is imported to the United States as the working stock dogs. Also, the Kelpies participate in obedience, trials, and agility.


This breed is loyal and active and is famous as an intelligent dog with boundless energy. Australian knows when to thrive on having a job and when to take a rest and have such an amazing on and off mood. Their friendly and docile behaviour and easygoing temperament make them suitable pet dogs. Furthermore, the dog is devoted to his work and fond of working on sheep and other livestock. As a natural herding breed, the Kelpies are excellent as a watchdog and are super in protecting their owners. The dog must need plenty of training and socialization to avoid being wary of anyone or anything else.


The Australian breed is a low-maintenance breed and possesses a thick and water-repellent double coat that sheds daily. You need to brush the coat once a week to avoid all the dead hairs and bathe the dog occasionally. The highly active and energetic Australian dog needs basic daily exercise to stay fit and healthy. Not only the physical exercise but also the mental exercise to keep the dog active and healthy. The best options for exercise are walking, jogging, and free running in a fenced yard to help the dog burn its energy. Moreover, the rally and obedience are also options for physical activity and also to please the dog mentally sharp. also, check the nails and trim them if needed.


This Australian breed’s size is moderate and weighs between 14 to 20 kilos. In appearance, they look like they can perform heavy work with little or no effort. Australians are athletic, lithe and have a muscular body, and can be a good watchdog. They have a slightly longer body than their tallness and have an energetic personality. Mostly the Kelpies come in seven different colours that include red, Australian Kelpie black, black and tan, red and tan, fawn, blue, and chocolate brown. These colours may still vary and have deviations but if there are some deviations they would not be included in the show ring. Australian Kelpies are quite agile because they were originally bred to herd animals. The Kelpies have ears that are pricked and have ears inside the ears to avoid dust and keep them clean. Also, the eyes of this breed are almond shape, and that’s a practical feature, helps them to avoid dust getting into them from the yard or paddock.

Smart, loyal, and always by your side

When it comes to personality, the great Australians have oodles of personality and have an evil sense of humour. That sounds very Australian Indeed! This is a highly versatile breed, great learning capability, impressively intelligent but they are also independent learners. Kelpies have extremely high levels of IQ and sometimes may cause trouble if left to their own choices. They are loyal and lovely companions and also need plenty of exercises. They can get bored if cooped up for a longer period. Keep your dog engaged and occupied and they will be happy. Care for them with love and show them your highest attention and love. They can be disappointed if ignored and feel a lack of attention. They have a friendly and playful nature and can be good friends with strangers until they are not biters.


If you looking for an active and athletic medium-sized dog, Australian Kelpie is the right one for you. They can easily be trained but requires daily exercise and should be well trained. The Australian breed is highly suitable for families or singles looking for a lovely partner who always gives more than what they receive. Their high level of loyalty, devotion, and lovely nature make them suitable family pets.

Health & Wellbeing

This breed is relatively healthy with the least or even no health problems. The Australians are bred to be hardy, That’s the reason they go through with a few hereditary problems throughout their life. Some of the health problems that Kelpies face are Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Hip Dysplasia, and Cerebral Abiotrophy (CA). Moreover, Collie Eye Anomaly is also a common eye disorder in the Kelpies that is found under the eye retia of the dog. Kelpies may also be prone to Hypothyroidism that causes low thyroid levels in the dog resulting in a slow metabolic rate that causes weight gain, hair loss, or seeking out warmth. Always contact the registered dog breeders if you are facing some issues and speak to local Greencross Vets for further health information.

Australian Kelpie

Characteristics of the Australian Kelpie

  •  Affection Level    High
  •  Friendliness        High
  •  Kid-Friendly        High
  •  Pet-Friendly        High
  •  Exercise Needs    High
  •  Playfulness          High
  •  Energy Level        High
  •  Trainability           High
  •  Intelligence          High
  •  Tendency to Bark    High
  •  Amount of Shedding   High

Consider The Following Points When Buying an Australian Kelpie

Always keep in mind that the inheritance of temperament is less predictable as compared to the inheritance of physical traits, for example, shedding or size. You can shape the behaviour and temperament by raising the dog properly and providing the required training.

  1. You also have an option to adopt the adult dog from a rescue group or an animal shelter to avoid negative traits. When you go for an adult dog, you know what you are getting and most of the adult Kelpies have fewer or no negative traits. Check in the local animal shelter or rescue group for Australian Kelpie for sale.
  2. On the other case, if want an Australian Kelpie puppy, you can buy from the right breeder to avoid the negative breeder. This way the puppy will be well trained but unfortunately, it is difficult to know if the puppy has inherited temperament or health problems till the Australian Kelpie puppy grows up. You can also train the puppy to avoid the negative traits you notice in it.
  3. Provide enough mental stimulation and exercise to vent their energy and help them to use their busy minds on meaningful things. Otherwise, they will get bored which they express by doing destructive chewing and barking.
  4. Make sure you socialize your Australian Kelpie because they need extensive exposure to unusual sights sounds and people. Otherwise, they may become suspicious and shy.
  5. Kelpies are independent thinkers so you must have to realize that you are the boss and lead them to show you mean what you say. Treat them with love and kindness and give them proper attention.
  6. This Australian breed shed much more than you think and you should brush their coat in a week to avoid the dead hairs. Check their nails as well and trim when needed.


If you live in Australia, finding one for yourself is quite easy. But it is a little difficult to find this breed in the United States. This breed is good as a pet because of its lovely and loyal nature. You must know the above-mentioned tips to handle them more easily.

Let us know if you want some more information about the breed. We are always pleased to answer your queries.

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