Decades ago, our ancestors used to travel their commutes on horseback. As such, Horseback Riding goes back a long way. On the back of a horse, you could travel long distances faster than you could otherwise travel by foot. Furthermore, horses have the strength to pull carriages so the passengers could sit in comfort with their baggage in the carriage while the horses took them to their destination. Nowadays, however, things are very different. Technological and mechanical advancements have come a long way and we no longer need horses for our commuting. We no longer need to worry about abusing, tiring out, or killing horses from the workload. Now that horses are free from the workload of carriage pulling across long distances, it frees up the animal for recreational sport.

Horseback Riding as an Exercise

Horseback Riding

From the average persons perspective, it doesn’t seem like horseback riding is an exercise at all. The argument can be made that all you’re doing is sitting there while the horse does all the moving around. True as that may be, just being on the back of a horse is a lot of work as well, especially when the horse is trotting. A rider has to stay vigilant on the back of a horse because the horse, unlike a car or a bicycle, has a mind of its own. The horse can randomly decide that It no longer wants you on its back and can buck you right off if you’re not careful. Furthermore, your legs are constantly working in tandem with your back muscles to keep you level on the horse. The moment a rider loses their balance on a horse, especially in a fast gait, it’s game over. In essence then, though it may not look it, horseback riding is indeed a very physically demanding sport and can qualify as a day’s exercise.

Other Horseback Sports

Horseback Riding


Though horseback riding is a sport in itself. It’s more of a hobby when you consider the sports that are based on horseback riding. For example, Polo is a sport that requires a person to have good flexibility on a horse. He must be able to hit the ball on the ground. Then there is tent pegging that requires a rider to have excellent aim. While being shaken brutally by the horse’s gallop. Horse racing is another very famous sport that is often wagered on by its viewers. There are many sports that originate from basic horseback riding and some have a significant following as well.

By turning what once used to be a mode of transport into a sport for people to enjoy. People can appreciate the beauty of the animal and take better care of horses than their ancestors were able to.

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