Horse Riding Lessons Compared to Other Lessons

I remember the first time I got on the back of a horse, it was thrilling and terrifying. Kind of like waiting for a roller-coaster to come down that massive peak it just climbed. A big part of Horse Riding Lessons is the endless sessions of trotting that the instructor will make a learning rider slog through. There’s a world of difference between riding bikes and riding horses. They’re both similar in the sense that once you get it, you don’t forget how to ride a horse.

The major difference between the two types of lessons is that a bike is inanimate whereas a horse is a living, breathing creature with a mind of its own. Horses have the ability to intimidate their riders. If they succeed in such, that’s half the battle already won in the eyes of the horse. When the horse knows it’s got a scared rider on its back, it’s almost certainly going to try its best to knock that rider off. A bike, on the other hand, will never be that daring. Therefore, it needs to be understood how to trick the horse into thinking you’re confident on its back, even if you’re not.

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Getting On

Horse Riding Lessons

Getting on is the first impression you make on the horse, mess this up and you’re off to a bad start. The best way to do this is to put the toe of your left foot in the left stirrup and climb up into the saddle in one smooth step. Once seated in the saddle, make sure to grip the gut of the horse with your knees. Keep the reins of the horse tight, but not so tight that the horse is unable to move its head during a canter or gallop. Once the rider has done all this, the horse is aware that the rider knows what they are doing and is capable of managing the ride competently. The chances of the horse misbehaving or disobeying the rider have now become slim.

During the Ride

Horse Riding Lessons

Trotting is the most exhaustive of the 4 gaits as it demands that the rider constantly get out of the saddle and back in. it’s not uncommon for new riders to ease up on the horse during these trot slogs, which is a big mistake. Though it feels dreary for the rider, the horse is always looking for its chance to put the rider in the dirt. Horses will often suddenly go into a gallop to catch their riders off guard, followed by suddenly stopping so that the rider falls off. Therefore, it’s prudent to keep in mind that there is a sentient creature with a mind of its own beneath you when riding a horse.

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After the Ride

Horse Riding Lessons

Horses appreciate being pet and complemented during and after the ride. The relationship between a rider and their steed is very important. Once a horse grows affectionate towards a rider, it will be more ready to follow that rider’s instructions and might actually help the rider where they feel lacking.

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