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Many people love to pet animals because they prove to be great partners in every phase of life. Whenever you are sad or depressed just sot with your cute family member, and you will see the change. They are so lovely but they share only 5% of the Earth.

As they are little in percentage and also have a huge diversity so it is so difficult to know everything about them. Knowing everything about animals is such a great challenge. Everyone who wants to adopt one is curious to know about these little creatures.

So here we are sharing the topmost interesting and fascinating Animal facts about them that you guys never knew before.

1. Shrimp’s Heart is located in its head

Shrimp's head is located in its head

Yes, this is strange but the shrimp carry his heart in its head which is covered with a thick shielding substance. Carrying a heart in the head is better than carrying it in the tail. The heart of a shrimp has three entrance points from where the blood enters the heart and arteries expand.

2. A snail can sleep for about 3 years

A snail can sleep for about 3 years

The main reason for this sleeping behavior of snails is that they need a lot of moisture for their survival and if they do not find it they can sleep up to 3 years. This state is called hibernation and occurs in winter or estivation which occurs in summer also known as summer sleep. So when snails do not feel like the weather is suitable for them they go into a hibernation state. It will help them to stay away from extreme temperatures.

3. Slugs have 4 noses

Slugs have 4 noses

Yes, this is the strangest thing even I ever knew before. Slugs have 4 noses that can be retracted. Slug uses two noses out of four for smelling and seeing. They can look and smell at you and your friend at the same time. The remaining two noses are useful for touching and tasting purposes.

4. Elephant, Only Heavy One which can jump

Elephant, Only Heavy One which can jump

Yes, these animals can jump but the older ones cannot. But there are other animals that are unable to jump Hippos, Sloths, and Rhinos. Rhinos and Hippos can run with all of their four feet on the ground, unlike other elephants.

5. Rhinoceros horns are made up of hairs

Rhinoceros horns are made up of hairs

Horns of Rhinoceros are made up of Keratin, a protein that is helpful for nails and hair. Indian and Javan Rhinoceros carry a single horn while Sumatran Rhinoceros and some African species carry two horns.

6. Frogs can be hypnotized

Frogs can be hypnotized

Yes, you can hypnotize a frog by putting it on his back while holding it for a few moments. When you will remove your hands they are not going to move for some time. They will be motionless for a little time. If you flip it back over hypnosis can be removed.

7. Sloths need a couple of weeks to digest their food

Sloths need a couple of weeks to digest their food

They need very little energy to be evolved because they are unable to take those calories from your diet as well as nutritious food. In rainforests they love to eat strong, rubber leaves. These leaves carry toxins as a way to protect forest leaves but sloths can eat and digest them because they have a strong digestive system that can handle these toxic leaves. Brown-throated sloths have many chambers in their bellies just like the belly of a cow. They also possess a mixture of bacteria that helps them to digest these forest leaves. Sloths require two weeks for their food digestion, surely the slowest digestion time for any mammal.

8. Wild dolphins call each other by their names

Wild dolphins call each other by their names

According to research, scientists claim that dolphins call their friends by their names. The study revealed that marine folk uses unique whistles to call each other. A team at St. Andrews University says that when they notice the call they respond.

9. A cow gives 200,000 glasses of Milk in its lifetime

A cow gives 200,000 glasses of Milk in its lifetimes

Yes, these animals can produce 2 lac glasses of milk in its lifetime. Some people also use machines to suck milk from cow udder by vacuum. A good dairy cow can give 37,216 glasses, 20,000 pounds, or 2326 liters in 305 days.

10. Bats always turn left when leaving a cave

Bats always turn left when leaving a cave

This is the only mammal that goes on echolocation as they are unique. According to the study, many scientists agree that bats turn left when leaving the cave, this is a really unique thing. It is also known that they migrate by hearing echoes.

11. Octopus carries 3 hearts

Octopus carries 3 hearts

Yes, they carry 3 hearts, like two pumps of blood to the gills and a larger one, use to circulate blood throughout the body. The surprise is not ended here they also carry 9 brains. Like the midbrain, all other 8 arms have small brains that make them able to function independently. As they are adapted to water they contain blue blood because of hemocyanin in their blood, a protein rich in copper.

12. Giraffe has no vocal cords

Giraffe has no vocal cords

Actually, the reality is they contain a vocal cord but they are not able to produce sounds because of a 13-foot-long trachea. Scientists say that no human being is able to hear their communication because of low voice frequency.

13. Ostrich have eyes bigger than their brain

Ostrich have eye bigger than brain

Ostrich is not only the largest animal in the world but also carries biggest eyes even than their own brain. An Ostrich has about 12 inches of a large eye, nearly the size of a billiard ball.

14. About half of the Orangutans have fractured bones because of falling from trees regularly

Orangutans have fractured bones

It seems easy to see orangutans pass from one tree to another but the truth is they fall several times in a day while doing this activity. Broken bones are proof of this because every other adult orangutan has broken bones in its body.

15. Frogs cannot vomit

Frogs cannot vomit

Yes, this is the strangest thing you are going to know about animals. If a frog has done something poisonous he cannot emit it out and if he does his whole stomach will be out. This is called full gastric eversion.

16. Reindeer eyeballs turn blue in winter

Reindeer eyeballs turn blue in winter

This is the fact that their eyeballs turn blue in color which helps them to see in lower light levels while in summer it is golden like many other animals which is reflecting much light. This will give them the opportunity to see in low light.

17. A honeybee can flutter its wings 200 times per second

honeybee can flutter its wings 200 times per second

Awe, it is really a high number in one second. But it is a reality that they have high-wing beats. A normal honeybee can flutter its wings 20 times while the larger one can do 230 times in one second.

18. The Flamingo eats only when its head is upside down


A flamingo needs to move its head down to catch food through its tongue. Hairy projections are called mandibles to help them to take in non-food items.

19. Sea otters hold each other’s paws while sleeping so they do not drift apart

Sea Otters

That’s so cute. Two sea otters were seen sleeping with holding each other’s paws so they do not get separated while sleeping in slumber. It is known that they hold each other’s paws while eating, sleeping, and resting in a fear of not getting lost.

20.    Polar bears contain black skin and sea-through fur

Polar Bear

Polar bears wear white fur so they can easily be hidden in their place. But the interesting thing is they do not have any white pigment in the fur but the skin is actually black in color and the hairs are hollow.


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