Cats Breed frequently as they are capable of breeding their whole life but the frequency decreases as they grow old. Within seven to ten months, a female cat becomes sexually mature, whereas a male cat takes time up to one year, to get mature. Just like dogs, female cats also experience a heat cycle which is also called an estrous. Female cats are known as the queens and they ovulate when bred. Stray cats breed more frequently, therefore they have around three litters of kittens per year.

The breeding usually takes place in the warmer months somewhere between February and August. During the estrous cycle, the female cat attracts an unneutered male cat through their scent. The heat cycle ends once the cats have bred. If someone does not have any prior experience with a female cat before, he/she might get confused or alarmed by its behavior during the heat cycle. Read the article further to know all the information you need to know about how Cats Breed.

How often do Cats Breed?

Cats Breed

Cats breed during the heat cycle of the female cat. A female cat attracts unneutered male cats through her pheromones. The heat cycle is usually between the months of February and August and once the cat has been mated, the heat cycle automatically ends. Female cats also known as queens do not have a choice and can breed with any male cat.

This is the reason, the stray cats get pregnant more frequently as compared to pet cats. Stray cats breed more often as they become affectionate and rub themselves with male cats. In case a female cat is not mated, her heat cycle ends and then starts again in about three weeks.  The chances of indoor cats mating are less as compared to outdoor cats because the indoor environment and artificial lighting affect their heat cycle. For beginners, it is important to do some research on “how often cats breed” before getting a pet cat.

Signs of a cat in heat

Cats Breed

Before cats breed, the female cat experiences an intense period of the heat cycle. The signs include attention-seeking, rubbing her body against your legs, or rolling on the floor. During the heat cycle, a female cat also makes loud voices such as howling. When you pat or stroke your cat, she will immediately lower down her front body while raising her tail. This is a clear sign that she is experiencing a heat cycle and needs to be bred.

In addition to that, the female cat also sprays her urine in order to mark her territory. The scent of the urine has estrogens that attract male cats for mating. Female cats try hard to go outside the house aggressively when sensing the presence of a male cat. All these signs are a clear indication that your cat is in her heat cycle and you need to make a decision as soon as possible. Some people go for the option of spaying or neutering the cat.

How fast do Cats Breed?

Cats Breed

You can easily breed cats by putting adult male and female cats in the same area or room and leaving them there for some time. Make sure both cats are healthy and do not have any disease to avoid any genetic issues or abnormalities. It is important to catch a female cat while she is in her heart cycle which increases the chances of her getting pregnant the first time. The process of cat breeding requires time and effort so you need to be patient if it is your first time.

Before conducting the mating process it is also ideal to get both cats checked and ask your vet if they need any shots or treatment. Your veterinarian will guide you on the cats’ mating process and will inform you if the cats are not ready for mating or have any health problems. Once the mating has been done, you can look out for the signs of pregnancy in your cat. Her belly will be swollen and she will eat her food more than usual. The whole pregnancy process takes about 62 to 71 days.

In the last few days, the pregnant cat searched for the perfect spot to give birth to her kittens. You can step in and help her out by providing a warm and comfortable area that is quite secluded as she will need her privacy while giving birth to the kittens. You can expect her to find her own spot somewhere in your house other than you expected; just let her stay where she is most comfortable. As mentioned earlier, you just need to be patient with the whole cat breeding cycle.

How to Provide Care to your cat when she is in Heat

If you have a female cat and she is in heat then get ready to experience her howling and attention-seeking habit. Cats Breed during the months of February and November and if they do not get to mate then they can be very annoying for you to handle. If you want your female cat to mate then be prepared for two litters per year.

It is recommended to get your cat spayed so that she would become healthier. You can also go for the option of spaying your cat once she is done with delivering a litter of kittens. When a cat is in her heat cycle, she will rub herself against your feet or go into a mating position. Some cats also have a habit of spraying their urine everywhere to mark their territory. Cat breeding season can be tough for you and your cat so if you are not planning to have more litter then it is better to get her spayed.

The Significance of Spaying/Neutering a Cat

Cats mating can be an upsetting experience for you as it may not be a pleasing thing to be a part of. To get rid of the whole troublesome experience of unwanted kittens litter, many people go for the option of spaying cats. Spaying involves a surgical operation where the professional and certified vet removes both uterus and ovaries, also known as an ovariohysterectomy. Whereas, neutering for male cats is a very exterior/simple procedure as compared to the spaying process of a female cat. This process has various health benefits for both males and females as this process improves the quality of their lives so they live longer and healthier. The health benefits include the prevention of ovarian cysts, tumors, etc.

Many people prefer spaying their cats because they get scared about the cat getting outside to mate. It also increases the chances of the female cat getting pregnant or injured on the road. In case you missed the chance of neutering your cat and the season has arrived, it is better to keep her in a separate area so that she could not escape finding a male cat. Also, distract her or keep her favorite pillow or toy with her. It is better not to get her spayed during her heat cycle as she might lose lots of blood.

How do Calico Cats breed?

Calico cats have become very popular in the United States because of their unique and vibrant color patterns. Not every calico cat is similar to each others. They behave differently such as some calico cats can be moody while others can be very friendly and friendly. As we know most calico cats are female, and the possibility of a male calico cat is very rare. The female cat has two X chromosomes, so to balance the protein level, they shut down one X chromosome. Shutting down of one X chromosome also creates an exotic pattern giving an orange color to the cat’s fur.

Calico is not a breed, it is the name given to cats with unique and vibrant patterns. Not all cat breeds accept the calicoes such as Himalayan, Siamese, Bombay, or British Shorthair. Whereas, the Calico pattern will easily be found in the Main Coon cat breed, Persian cat breed, Manx, etc. To add more to it, you cannot breed a calico cat as it is rare and it happens only by chance. Calico cat breeding is not possible which is the reason the calico cat is considered to be the lucky charm. The lifespan of a calico cat is more than that of a normal cat. It is usually between 12 and 17 years and just like any other cat, she needs to be taken care of properly. If you have a calico cat, it is important to take her to the vet regularly and get her checked.

How often do Feral Cats Breed?

A feral cat belongs to the domesticated species that has been living a life as a wild animal. Feral cats are not stray cats, in fact, they are ones abandoned and lost. They are fearful of people as their contact with humans has cut down over time which is why they prefer living alone. It is an ideal situation if a feral cat is returned to their previous family.

Feral cats’ breeding process is similar to that of domestic cats and the female feral cat gives birth to the litter twice a year on average. The number of kittens per litter can be between 5 and 7. The kittens do not separate from their mother for the first few months. The young feral kittens see their mother be afraid of people so they adopt that behavior. The feral cats hiss or spit if a person tries to stroke or pat them. They can be aggressive and scratch you so it is important for you to get vaccinated to prevent any kind of disease. Just be careful while dealing with feral cats and get the pre-exposure rabies shots before, in order to be on the safer side.

Feral Cats Breed: Survival

Some feral cats breed and can have three litters per year as well. The breeding season of feral cats can start in February till November. Furthermore, the number of kittens in a litter is more than that of a normal litter. Most of the time, many kittens become sick, suffering from diseases such as respiratory issues which can be cured but only with medical treatment. During the first few weeks, a cat builds up its immunity to certain health problems. Once the disease has been cured, the cat will become healthier with stronger immunity. When kept in captivity, a female cat can experience stress. It is recommended to respect feral cats’ privacy especially when the cat is giving birth.

Feral cats do not like to socialize so they maintain their living space usually in the corners or behind the garbage can. The population of the cats depends on the number of prey they have in the area. Feral cats are more active at night because of the less traffic and population on the streets, especially near the times before sunrise and after sunset.

5 Important Facts About How Do Cats Breed?

  • A female cat’s heat cycle can begin early and she can get pregnant as early as 4 months. Yes, you have read it right! This might be a very young age for her but it is possible. Not a lot of people know about these facts but cat lovers know about this for sure.
  • One litter can have a variety of kittens with different patterns and colors. The female cats are very active when they are in their heat cycle so they can mate with different male cats. Mating with different toms can get you a variety of kittens with beautiful and unique colors.
  • Pregnant cat care is important as she has weird cravings. Just like a pregnancy in humans, female cats also experience cravings and eat food for two or even four or five. It is a normal thing if a cat is eating double than usual as she is growing kittens so she needs more food.
  • Sometimes it is hard for pregnant cats to hold onto their bladder so they tend to have accidents. Just be patient with her and provide every care that she needs. It might be hard for her to get to the litter box.
  • A female cat can also go through the heat cycle within one to six weeks of giving birth to her babies. As the breeding cycle of cats move quickly so it is possible for her to be nursing her kittens while she gets pregnant again.

Final Thoughts on Cats Breeding

As your cat’s parent, you have to go through the whole breeding season along with your cat. If you have a female cat then you will surely get worried during her heat cycle. You just have to stay patient with her and help her with her mating process. If you do not want any more kittens, you can get your female cat spayed or neutered. Cat mating season can be a difficult one, especially for a female cat as she asks for attention and makes loud howling noises. Your female cat will try to escape and go outside to find a male cat for mating. She will even scratch the windows or doors.

Some veterinarians may also prescribe medication to ease the heat cycle of your cat. It may reduce the signs during the cycle but it is recommended to have your cat neutered as it has a lot of health benefits. Once you have her spayed, she will stop going into the heat cycle and even spraying or scratching around in your home. Now you have gone through the whole guide if someone asks you “How do Cats Breed?” you would know the answer. Check out The Cutest Black Cat Breeds in the Market Today


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