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What comes to your mind when you think of a peacock? Beautiful, stunning, and colorful birds are playing in the jungle and spreading feathers, increasing the beauty of nature. There are three species of this fantastic bird Indian, green, and Congo. In this write-up, we will discuss an Indian peacock named Albino peacock. We will teach you about this bird’s history, traits, fun facts, and many other things.

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  1. A few words about albino peacock
  2. The history
  3. Physical features
  4. Characteristics of an albino peacock
  5. Habitation
  6. Fun facts
  7. FAQs
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A few words about albino peacock

When a person talks about beautiful birds, numerous birds like parrots, pigeons, etc., the first image that flashes into our minds is of a peacock. It has three species. Peacocks are famous because of their beautiful, stunning colors and patterns from nature. If we talk about the albino peacock, it usually has white blooms with a green combination. Some people say the albino peacock is also known as a white pigeon. However, they are different in their information, and the easiest way to recognize them is to see their eyes. Their eyes and skin tones differ from each other. By nature, albino peacocks are born with melanin, resulting in white feathers. At the same time, white peacocks can produce colors naturally.

Albino peacocks are very rare to find. They are not seen in captivity because finding them is no less challenging than finding any other animal. One would take the chance to buy if he is lucky enough to get this opportunity. Peacocks are common, and their average price is $300.

The history

The albino peacock was initially found in the Indian subcontinent. According to researchers’ beliefs, the lack of melanin was caused by a genetic mutation in a few birds—melanin-lacking resulted in the rise of albino peacocks. When British people started ruling India, they took this stunning albino peacock to America and Europe. In those states, the albino peacocks increased in terms of multiplication.

If we compare albino peacocks with white peacocks, they become scarce with time. But on the other hand, white peacocks are available worldwide. Different states are working to ensure the peacock breed lives long enough. So, they are keeping these peacocks in captivity to produce more.

Physical features

When it comes to the physical features of albino peacocks, they have unique looks. They lack melanin comparatively. At the time of birth, they have yellow marks on their bodies. As time passes, this pale color turns into white. These birds usually have reddish or pinkish eyes. They have pale skin due to albinism. When they spread out their feathers, they look like snowflakes. Moreover, they have golden, green, and deep blue patterns in the center of their feathers. But their feathers are white with pale pink details.

Characteristics of an albino peacock

When the breed crossbreeds the albino peacock with a white peacock or any other species, the new baby peacocks have many chances to be pied. It is because they have some parts of their bodies with different colors, while the rest of their bodies are white. Like any other peacock, albino peacocks are also territorial and can fight or attack other birds for their place. They are also famous for fighting for food, mating, and resources.

They produce a sound like a drumroll when they spread their tails. This sound is called “train rattle.” Male albino peacocks make this sound when they feel the need for mutation with their partner.

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Most albino peacocks are found in the Indian subcontinent and Sri Lanka. However, one can see several peacocks in the Congo Basin, an African rainforest. They like to live in woodlands and forests where they can wander easily. It is difficult to differentiate between albino peacocks and white peacock albinos who want to live with them. By doing this, they remain away from the eyes of enemies.

Fun Facts

Most albino peacocks are in captivity nowadays. Therefore, it is very challenging to find them walking freely.

  • Their life in captivity is more than 50 years.
  • They hold great significance in many religions like Hinduism.
  • They are considered a sign of purity and love.
  • Albino peacocks are viewed as a sign of superstition in many nations due to their lack of colors.
  • The total number of albinos is a riddle, as many people take them as white peacocks.


How rare are albino peacocks?

They are infrequent, as it is now impossible to see them without captivity.

How long do albino peacocks live?

If they live in any forest or woodland, they can live for 10–20 years if they do not become prey to predators. In captivity, their average life is 50 years.

How much does an albino peacock cost?

There is no surety whether you can find it for purchasing purposes because it scares many people. Due to a misconception, people sometimes buy a white peacock as an albino peacock worth $300.

What do albino peacocks eat?

Albino peacocks, like other peacocks, like to eat ants, crickets, termites, etc. In addition, they eat seeds, grass, plants, and flower petals.


The Albino peacock is the most beautiful worldwide. All the peacocks undoubtedly have stunning looks and color patterns, but there is no comparison with albinos. However, they are white but are not white peacocks. A few ways are there to differentiate between white and albino. For security purposes, albino peacocks like to live in forests with white peacocks. They have been available in captivity till now due to being rare. Governments and other institutions are trying to provide security and increase their numbers.

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