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Petting a golden retriever with a great temperament and awesome personality is very exciting. It is really easy to fall in love with a golden retriever. But for this, you know all the tricks and tips that your puppy love. They may live up to 12 years and this period can be very memorable for you if you treat them with love and care. 

Guessing what your dog love is not rocket science. You can get easily what your dog likes or dislike through their actions. They may make different sounds when they love something. The golden retriever is a very communicative breed and they tell you what they love and want. 

Every dog has a different personality and knowing what they love makes the puppy-owner bond stronger. This breed is very energetic and playful and enjoys almost everything. Here we are sharing the top 8 things your puppy loves:

1. Music

2. Playing.

3. Traveling

4. Bath

5. Eating                     

6. Chewing

7. Socializing               

8. Community Service                 

Having a dog is a high responsibility and if you have not got information on how to handle, care for, and train a dog then you are not doing right. Before petting a puppy you should gather all the information like what they like or dislike, how to handle them, what to feed them, etc. Without the proper knowledge, you can not raise a healthy happy, and well-behaved dog. We have created a list so you can handle all the situations while maintaining your friendship with your beloved puppy.

1. They Love Music

Dogs love music but if you have golden retrievers there is more chance that they enjoy music. Mostly they love classical tunes to sleep. Some of them can enjoy any kind of music no matter it’s soft or party music. 

  • Soft and soothing music can help to keep them calm and can be used during a sleep session. They love classical music. 
  • While listening to music they may produce sounds that are sometimes strange but is a sign that they are enjoying. They can also start roaming in the room when they enjoy music. 

2. They Love Playing

This breed is very playful and they are nippers. Your golden dog loves to catch things from the mouth, so fetch is always a fun game for them. You can also start frisbee catching with your puppy. They also love plush toys. They are dogs with high intellect and anything challenging their intellect is good and they love them. 

  • Plush toys that are soft like a duck are the best to play with for your golden puppy. They can play and have fun with them for hours, tossing the toy up in the air and then chasing them is their favorite kind of joy. Golden retrievers love squeaky toys more than no squeaky toys.
  • They also like a game of tug “o” war with a soft rope or braid. You can make a soft room with an old t-shirt and tie it up from the ends to make a soft rope. They will love to play with this rope. Golden dogs usually like soft toys more than hard toys but they like hard chews.

This breed loves to play with others. They love to play with families, other dogs, and kids. Your golden puppy wants to be around people and dislikes being alone. 

They are very loving and playful towards children but a little clumsy so should be watched around little kids. 

3. They Love Travelling

This is a highly social breed. They love to be around humans 24 hours a. It is a travel breed sometimes called sporting dogs so they are the best travelers. 

  • To make your bond stronger with your golden retriever let them travel with you. Just make them sit on a seat next to you while you driving. It will be a happy experience for you and your puppy. 
  • You can also go on long walks with your golden dog. They will give the best company because they love the great outdoors.
  • They love to travel with their owners and want to experience everything their owners do. So just when going outside take them with you but be careful in their handling. They are your road partners. 

4. They Love Taking Baths

Yes, your puppy enjoys taking baths because they love water. They shed a lot and have a double coat so it is a little difficult to find the right shampoo for your puppy. Go for bottles that say medium coat. Some companies mention breed on the shampoo bottles so make it easy for you to choose the right one. 

Here are some things your dog may love during grooming:

1. Shampoo and Conditioner

2. Flea treatment

3. Blow-dry on low heat

4. Towel dry

5. Brushing

6. Facewash

  • During the bath clean their ears thoroughly. You can buy inexpensive ear cleaners to clean their ears. Remove all the dirt from their ears carefully.
  • After giving your a bath to your puppy, give them some food to eat. Your puppy will love it. After taking bath they feel so happy sometimes they roll in the grass to show their happiness. 

5. They Love Eating

Yes, they love food. This is not normal eating like any other dog. Golden retrievers love to eat and sometimes they overeat.  If you are having a golden retriever as a pet this is highly recommended to plan their diet schedule and not always make them accessible to a food bowl. 

  • Controlling their diet is not that difficult, simply measure what you are feeding them daily, and serve them in the morning and night. 
  • Maintaining their weight is important because it can create various health problems that will create anxiety for you and your puppy. 
  • Cancer and other diseases attack them more than other dog breeds. What we can do save our puppies from all fatal diseases is to give them proper food on time.
  • Do not give them extra treats. If you do that then reduce the number of treats. 

6. They Love Chewing

They love a good retriever roll on which they can chew and like to fetch and chase them. Golden retrievers like to get starters off of their teeth and clean their gums. Rawhide will also help them to make their teeth stronger. If you provide them something to chew it will be a good way to save your leather shoes. 

  • Retriever rolls are not the only option to give them for chewing. You can also provide them with pig ears, or deer antlers to chew. 
  • Your golden dogs do not like to chew on anything. The favorite thing for them to chew on is leather toys. Leather toys are good teething toys for them. 
  • You should be careful in choosing rawhide too because some of them may contain harmful containments that could make your puppy ill. So it’s better to stick with the USA-manufactured rawhide than any other that is labeled with things like “American rawhide” etc. 
  • While picking a rawhide, you have to pick the right size for your golden puppy. If you choose too small a chew, your golden puppy can easily break it into pieces. If you pick a large one, it will be difficult for them to chew on so they must be of the correct size for a full-grown retriever. 

7. They Love to Be Socialized

Golden retriever never says to socialize. They love company, a good trip to the park, and playing with children or other dogs. You can also start a frisbee game with your loving pet partner. 

  • They like to play with other dogs but do not leave them alone with smaller breeds or children. They are hunting dogs so they may be aggressive sometimes. 
  • They love to be near families or other dogs. You can also watch a movie with your dog. But sometimes they start barking at the tv so be careful. It can be a good experience to watch and enjoy a movie with your lovely pup. All just they want is to be near you. 

8. They Love Community Service

Yes, they do love community service. They enjoy the training process and proved to be great service dogs. They listen to their owners and are obedient to them. Your retriever dog is great with children and other dogs as well as a rescue dog. 

  • Most of the golden receivers are involved as police dogs and participate in research missions, firefighting, and acting as coast guards. 
  • They help people with various problems. Because they are easy to train and highly intelligent dogs that is the reason they are perfect service dogs. 
  • This breed has a great quality of emotional support. Their kind, loving, friendly, and caring nature makes them up for the presidents club in community support. 
  • Some families avoid them because of their bigger size. They are loving and humble with kids but do not leave them alone with children. If you have kids under 7 then this breed is not a good choice for you. 


The golden retriever is an active and social dog breed. Your golden puppy is easy to train and comes to be easily happy than any other dog breed. They can find happiness in little things. Your golden dog is an intelligent and cute species. Love them they will love you back. If you find this article helpful kindly let us know in the comment section we need your feedback. 

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