If you are an amateur and you want to start your Horse Riding Lesson, it is recommended to get professional help. The private session would be preferable for you if you have never done horse riding before. When you are learning one-on-one with your instructor, you will get full attention and learn faster.

It is okay to feel nervous before the first lesson; just make sure to make yourself extra prepared for your first horse riding lesson. You can also do the research on your own before starting your lesson which will make you aware of the basic terms at least.

Also, before going to your first lesson, make sure you have the right gear and you are wearing the right suit. Keep reading the article to know 5 helpful ways to make your horse riding lessons interesting.

Wear Comfortable Clothes for the Horse Riding Lesson

Horse Riding Lesson

It is important to wear comfy clothes when it comes to horse riding. The material of your clothes should be soft to prevent any itching on your skin. It is recommended to wear comfortable trousers but if you decide to wear jeans, make sure it is a stretchy ones.

For females, yoga pants are recommended or tights that are stretchy. For males, shorts are not a good option, because the legs might get irritated by the saddle. Also, some people have reactions to horsehair. You can also talk to your instructor to guide you about the clothes to wear for your horse riding lesson.

The Right Gear to Bring to the Lesson

Just like the horse, you are going to wear riding gear too. Make sure you know what horse riding equipment to take along with you to the lesson. Other than comfortable clothes, you will need a riding helmet for your safety and also horse riding boots.

The saddle should be put on the horse correctly so that you may not fall over. Your gear should also include equipment for horse gErooming. A good trainer will invest time and effort to first teach you how to handle the horse instead of allowing you to get on a horse.

Once you know your connection with the horse and how to handle different situations, you are on a path to success. Try to make the horse comfortable with you and make sure it’s not irritated by anything.


Horse Riding Lesson

Safety is an important aspect when it comes to horse riding. If you are not well aware of the horse safety rules, then it would be useful to do your research before going horse riding. The first rule is to make sure you are alert all the time.

Many accidents can be prevented if you are watchful for every possible situation. The second rule is to stay mindful all the time while riding the horse. Be mindful of how you are handling the horse with the lead rope. Do not wrap the rope around your wrists, it might hurt you if something happens as the rope is attached to the horse.

The third and last rule for a safe horse ride is to learn about the danger zones from your instructor. Your trainer will teach you how not to approach the horse from the wrong angles or else you might get hurt.

Be in the Right Mood

Horse Riding Lesson

You have to be in the right state of mind in order to get the most out of your first Horse Riding Lesson. The right attitude and mindset will make a great impact. You won’t face any disappointments if you go to the class with positive expectations.

Things might seem hard at first but I am sure your instructor will make you learn and practice. Try to carefully listen to what your instructor tells you and build a good relationship with him without being rude.

Relax and Enjoy the Learning Experience

Try not to panic in your first horse riding. Once the lesson is over, we are sure you would not wait for the next session to start. Instead of overthinking about the horse riding experience, try to relax and enjoy your time with such an incredible creature. If you think you are stressing over, then it is better to take some time out to relax. Breaks are always good for any activity you want to indulge in.


Horse riding might not be an easy activity at first but with time, you will start to enjoy it. Do not get hard on yourself. Learning and practice make a man perfect. Try to stay safe by following all the horse riding safety rules. Try to have effective communication with your instructor and respect both your instructor and the horse. A good attitude and hard work will lead you to success. Also, check out Horseback Riding as an Exercise

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