In the US, Rabbit Breeds are known to be one of the most popular pets because of their adorably distinct personality. If you are not a cat lover or a dog fan, you can keep this little bunny fellow as a pet. If done with the right training, they can be the perfect pet for your house and do not need attention or effort 24/7.

Before keeping any animal as a pet, it is very important to do your research and at least know the basics. Although these little creatures seem adorable and fluffy, if they are not given a friendly environment, they can suffer from stress.

If you think there are too many people at your home who are very chaotic, then it is recommended to not keep any rabbit breed as a pet. You will find different and unique personalities, although many breeds might look almost the same. Breeding rabbits can be an incredible experience and will result in profit. If you want to know about the most popular rabbit breeds, then you have come to the right place.

Top 5 breed name

Angora Rabbit Breeds

Rabbit Breeds

Angora is the fluffiest of all as they have big white fur. This breed of rabbit started getting popularity in the 1990s when they were kept as pets in the US. All the Angora breed personalities are the same yet they have further angora breeds as well. The most popular angora breeds include giant, satin, English, French, and a few others too.

As angora is popular because of the big silky wool, they need to be groomed every day and require a good diet. A fully grown angora rabbit can be 6 to 12 pounds in size.

Mini Rex Rabbit Breed

Rabbit Breeds

This friendly rabbit breed has short fur and is very popular to keep as a rabbit pet in the US. The breeding of this popular rabbit breed is not very costly and comes in grey, black, and brown. Although this breed has short hair fur the fur density is high as compared to the other breeds which gives them a very smooth touch.

Mini Rex breed personalities include friendliness and playfulness. If you have kids at home, they are going to be entertained 24/7 and enjoy playing with this cute adorable Mini Rex.

Lionhead Rabbit Breed

Rabbit Breeds

As the name suggests, these popular Rabbit Breeds have heads similar to the lions because of the fur around their ears & head. This little rabbit breed became popular in the US at the very start of the 21st century. This rabbit size can go up to 4 pounds when fully grown and needs to be groomed on daily basis. If you have never petted a rabbit before.

You can start your journey with this little buddy as they are very social and friendly. The size of this rabbit breed’s fur varies depending on the genes they retain. Just like the other friendly rabbit breeds, lion-head rabbits need time, care, and toys to play with.

The Harlequin Rabbit Breed

This rabbit is medium-sized and comes with beautiful coloration. Harlequin rabbit breed has two further popular rabbit breeds which include the Japanese harlequin and the magpie harlequin. Japanese harlequin usually has orange, black, and brownish coloration whereas, magpie comes with white and brown, white and black, or white and blue.

Just like other bunnies, harlequin rabbits need a comfortable and friendly environment and love to play with toys. They are prone to becoming aggressive which is not a good thing for the kids at home.

Polish Rabbit Breed

This small polish dwarf is perfect to keep as a pet if you want a calm and friendly rabbit. This rabbit weighs not more than 3 pounds and has short fur. Like other rabbit breeds, these bunnies have variations as well. The rabbit variations include chestnut and chinchilla. This little adorable polish rabbit breed needs simple care which includes a small cage, a little box, and food.


Whatever the size, weight, or breed your pet rabbit has, they need attention and love just like the other pets. You need to give them a safe environment and keep in mind that rabbits chew on things which is the reason. It is essential to make your home rabbit-proof. If you know how to take care of them and make sure to do their grooming on a daily basis, then there is no need to worry. All the Rabbit Breeds make adorable pets and children love to play with them. If you are new to petting rabbits you must need to know about Baby Rabbits.


Which breed of rabbit is most common?

When it comes to the most common breed of rabbit, is the eastern cottontail in North America. First, the population is too much there, and second, people like to pet them.

Is a rabbit form a good source of money?

Yes, rabbit farming can become one of the best sources of earning money. Because of their gentle behavior, people like to pet and breed rabbits. Secondly, they give birth to babies very quickly, and their average growth is much more than other animals.

What are 5 common rabbit breeds?

There are 29 breeds of rabbits, but the most common of them are:

  • Lionhead rabbit
  • Mini Rex
  • English Lop
  • Dutch rabbit
  • Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit

Say a few words about the laziest rabbits.

The English Lop is the laziest rabbit among all the species. It is friendly to humans, but these are also the laziest rabbits in the world.

Which is easier to care for, male or female rabbits?

According to breeders and people who pet rabbits, male rabbits are easy to take care of. It is because they are more active than females. But males can also become neutral sometimes.

Is red-eyed rabbit rare?

Yes, these rabbits are scarce. Their eyes are red because of albinism, and albino rabbits are tough to find.

Which rabbits don’t bite?

Rabbits are usually gentle, but that does not mean they do not bite. But there is a breed of rabbit that does not bite at all. Its name is the Himalayan rabbit. It is a perfect choice for a pet because of its beautiful nature.

What breed of rabbit-like to cuddle?

All rabbit breeds are loving, gentle, and affectionate, always waiting for humans to play with them. On the other hand, Mini Lop Rabbits enjoy cuddling with their owners, which is why they are always on human hands or legs.

Write a description of the most costly rabbits.

Depending on the age and size of the bunny, harlequin rabbits and Holland lops are the most expensive rabbits.

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