Ball pythons have gained popularity over the United States since the 1990s for keeping a pet. One of the most popular ball python morphs is Spider Ball Python. Due to their unique coloration and different genetic patterns, they caught the eye of many snake keepers. Other ball python morphs include albinos, striped, candino, and many others. What makes a spider ball python different from a regular one is that they have dominant patterns with a light-colored background including white, light brown, and yellowish-brown. The unique patterns occur on both the tail and the head, unlike many other common ball pythons. Spider ball pythons are considered to be the oldest python morphs. With time the demand increased so many breeders started to breed this genetic morph more. To know some amazing and fun facts keep reading this article

Spider Ball Python Have a Genetic Disorder

Spider Ball Python

A genetic disorder that is found among this breed is known as head wobble which is very complicated because it is not found in the other morph breeds. The genetic disorder in spider ball pythons is a neurological defect which comes into types. The first type is called a wobble head side to side movement. As the name suggests, the spider ball python finds difficulty in its movement, and moves sideways, trembling sometimes. Corkscrew is the second type of head wobble abnormality in which the python moves his head in a disoriented manner, sometimes turning itself upside down. The intensity of this wobble varies from snake to snake. Some have no wobble at all, but others have a severe head wobble defect

A Heated Debate Over Head Wobble Disorder Revolving All Over Internet

The internet has been flooded with a debate over why breeding should be banned against why it should not be banned. People who argue against the breeding of this morph have some really supportive points. They say despite having a neurological defect, breeding the spider ball pythons are cruel. There are numerous other pythons available that can be bred instead of suffering a life of spider ball python with head wobble. People who support the argument in favor of breeding the spider ball pythons suggest that there is no proven research on how head wobble affects the pythons. Secondly, they that spider ball pythons are from the earliest morphs so their legacy has to be maintained.

The Eggs Are Protected By The Female Spider Ball Python

Spider Ball Python

Unlike other snake breeds, female ball pythons are very much interested in keeping close to them after laying the eggs. Hatchling is an interesting process as the mother python protects her eggs, unlike the other breeds who are rather disinterested. Female ball python wraps her body around her eggs and stayed with them until they are hatched. It takes almost two months as she keeps the eggs warm and cozy.

Spider Ball Pythons Have Unique Patterns

Spider Ball Python

The demand for Spider Ball Python increased since the start of the 1990s because of the exotic and unique patterns on the tail and head. The spider ball python is considered to be one of the most popular morphs due to its stunning pitchy patterns. They are easily recognizable because of their unique dark stamp on the head. If you are a breeder. You surely know how the spider ball pythons attract all the snake lovers who are ready to spend their money on this exquisite morph

Have Spurs like Other Pythons

The most common fact about spider ball python is that it has spurs just like the other ball python morphs. Being aesthetically stunning makes them unique with little spurs under their bellies. The spurs found on the female ball pythons are smaller in size as compared to the ones on the male ball pythons. One of the famous myths is that the spurs are the shredded legs of ball pythons which were once used to be four legs.


There are thousands of breeds of ball pythons found these days but Spider Ball Python is considered to be one of the most popular morphs. There is a neurological disorder found in the spider ball python morph, unlike other pythons. Despite the defect called head wobble, they are still bred in US by many breeders. Some spider pythons have a sever defect while some have none. The spider ball python is found easily online and kept as a pet by many snake lovers. Their usual lifespan is up to 30 years. Also check out the The Most Popular Ball Python Morphs.

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