27 Reasons Why to Adopt a German Shepherd

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When looking to adopt a dog, you must be finding beautiful and strong breeds that have good physical and personality traits that suit your taste and lifestyle. Before going to any shelter or rescue to get a puppy for you, you need to spend a little time researching the breed you are interested in. Many shelters have mixed-breed dogs and have only one distinguishing breed but most shelters also have pure dog breeds. You need to consider various things before petting a dog such as health concerns, activity level, trainability, and size. If you are going to adopt a German shepherd you must gather some information before petting them. In this article we are giving you the reasons why adopting a German puppy is a good decision.

German Shepherd Known as:

They are best known as police dogs and also as house pets. German shepherds have a very bright history as celebrities. After their careful breeding in the late 19th century, they appeared in stardom. They have found it on the big screens and bringing fun to silent film.

German puppies are ranked as the 2nd most famous dog breed in the US. They are having many talents and desirable traits that are making them the best dog in every way.

They have a lot of other talents. Here we are giving 27 reasons why to adopt a German shepherd as a pet.

# 1 They are Easy to Train

German Shepherds are quick learners. They enjoy the learning process and are generally easy to train as compared to any other breed. Puppies listen to their owners and take less time and repetitions to train this breed.

# 2 They do not need much Grooming

Having a beautiful multicolor coat and do not possess extra fur. This breed sheds seasonally. Owners do not need to worry about their puppy’s grooming.

# 3 They are Active

Your German puppy is a great workout buddy. They enjoy exercise, jogs, and hikes. This breed is so popular because of their activeness and that’s the reason they are involved in different fields like in police and films.

# 4 They are Healthy

If you provide your dog with a balanced diet and proper exercise then this breed shows fewer health issues than any other breed. The major health risks a German puppy can shoe are canine hip dysplasia CHD and elbow dysplasia, both of which are curable.

# 5 They have Big Litter

If you breed this popular dog, you will be awarded 4 to 9 little puppies per litter.

# 6 They have a Long Lifespan

Yes, they live longer having a lifetime of about 10 to 12 years. If you do not care for them properly their lifetime can be decreased.

# 7 They are Great Guard Dogs

They are fearless dogs and bark frequently without any fear to protect their owners from danger. This makes them popular guard dogs.

# 8 They are Smart Dogs

Yes, a German Shepherd is a smart breed. They are very sensitive dogs. According to Petrix, this is a highly intelligent breed and stands as the third smartest breed.

# 9 They are best at Schutzhund

Schutzhund is a sporting event mostly for protection dogs used to test talents such as protection, obedience, and tracking. It is usually tested to its capabilities, your puppy is bound to outperform.

# 10 They are Heroes

German Shepherd is mostly recognized for heroic acts. Files of Lewano, a canine soldier praised for bringing 54 wounded soldiers to a safe place during World War 1 in 1917.

# 11 They have worldwide appeal

It is the second most famous breed in America. They are maintaining wide appeal worldwide with 1000’s lovers in a total of seventy-eight countries.

# 12 They are All-Weather Dogs

German Shepherds can tolerate all kinds of weather or seasons because of their double-layer coat.

# 13 They are Highly Adaptable

Mostly they prefer large yards but they can adapt to apartment living as well if you provide them with daily exercise.

# 14 They are Great Pet Dogs

This breed is highly loyal and proven a playful pet. They enjoy living with families, playing with children and other dogs, and are highly active. They can look after your house because they are too protective.

# 15 They are easy to Adopt

These puppies want a loving family and are available to adopt. Treat them nicely, they will love you more than anything. This will save your money and a dog’s life.

# 16 They are Large Dogs

Yes, this is a large dog breed approximately 24 to 26 inches in size. Their large size helps them to be able of protection and in involving a lot of outdoor activities.

# 17 There have many Lovers

In the United States, people love to adopt them. About 3.5 million shepherds live in the homes of United Shepherds. There is a great network of German Shepherds in the US.

# 18 They are Hollywood Stars

They are so talented and that’s why they appeared in 27 Hollywood movies. Shepherds are as talented and popular as Hollywood stars.

# 19 They have 11 Color Variations

There are 11 colors of German shepherd’s coat but mostly they are found in brown, black, and tan mixed coloring. According to American Kennel Club, they are found in 11 different color combinations including solid coat colors of blue and white.

# 20 They are Herding Dogs

This breed loves to work. They can be used to herd livestock and pastoral animals if fall into the herding class.

# 21 They are Frightening

Yes, they are intimidating. When there is a German shepherd near you, no one wants to create a mess with you. Even if your dog is friendly and loving, its huge size and intimidating look will keep you away from trouble.

# 22 They have other dogs Friends

Mostly this breed likes to be dominant but if you socialize your puppy at an early stage, they will learn how to be gentle, calm, and friendly with other dogs.

# 23 They love adventures

German Shepherd always plays with danger. They love to do difficult tasks. These are adventurous, dogs.

# 24 They love Water

They are playful dogs and love to be okay with water. If you take your German puppy with you on the beach or the seaside, they will be extremely happy and love to play with you in the water.

# 25 They love who you Love

They do not be quick friends with other people but they will be nice and friendly to all those new people who are your friends or whom you love.

# 26 They are Curious Dogs

Curiosity is the main thing in a German puppy. They are so creative and love to learn and do new things. This makes them the best playmates. If you provide your puppy a regular mental stimulation, they will be more healthy and happy.

# 27 They Love Children

If they have been given the training at an early stage, they behave well and love to play with children. If you want your puppy to play with your children then proper training with love, care, and respect is necessary. But do not allow your children to play with your puppy when he is eating or when alone.


German Shepherd is a beautiful, powerful and intelligent dog breed. Adopting a German puppy is a good idea. After adopting, train them with love and care, and they will love you back. Now if you decided to adopt a German puppy and have some more queries in mind. Tell us freely in the comment section, we will be happy to help you with this. We need your feedback. Thanks!

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