2021 Guide to Learn Signs and Vocals of Cats Communication with Owners and Fellows Cats

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Most people love to pet a cat. Kittens love their owners as they love their fellow cats and show their love to them by different means. They also do communicate with other cats. In this article, we will be teaching you almost all the ways a cat can use to communicate with the other cat and how cats express their love to you.

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Do Cats Communicate To Each Other?

Do you know cats talk to each other? But their communication means are different from humans. Felines communicate in various ways such as by physical cues, vocalization, visual cues, physical contact, and chemical cues.

Physical Cues

To understand how cats communicate, you should pay attention to their body language. Notice the eyes, ears, tail, and overall body posture of your cat.

  • When a cat feels friendly, relaxed, and loved he will hold the tail high in the ear with the tip of the tail slightly tipped, the ears turned forward and the body will be tall. If your cat feels comfortable with some other cat, he/she will roll over enough to show the belly. This means the cat wants to approach the other cat she likes.
  • Eye contact is also an important factor in cats’ communication. If a cat looks at another cat by blinking his eyes, it is a clear sign that he is willing to his approach and attention.
  • When interacting with another cat, if your cat looks away, crouch’s down, flattens his ear on the head, or licks his lips, it is clear that your cat is feared or threatened. When cats are fearful of something, they maintain a distance from that thing.


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Cats also communicate by producing some particular sounds.

  • Cats produce the sound “meow” when they want to interact with another cat they like. But research has shown that cat meows more at human beings and do not use them often when they interact with each other. When a cat meow at you, it shows that she likes you.
  • Cats purr to communicate. It is mostly produced during inhalation or exhalation. Cats purr when they interact with each other and also during interacting with humans. But purring is a complex vocalization that should be studied further because sometimes cats purr when they are extremely happy and relaxed while sometimes purr when they are fearful or aggressive.

Physical Contact

Cats can also communicate by contacting through their body. Below are examples of how they can communicate using their body.

  • Felines are very social animals. They show love to other cats through nose touches. Rubbing their heads and sides of their body with each other is also a way to communicate with each other. Sometimes they may hook their tails and rub them with each other.
  • Most cats do not touch their back with another cat because some cats cannot tolerate long strokes on their back.
  • Mostly the preferred areas of cats for physical communication are their heads and bodies.

Chemical Signals and Cat Marking

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Chemical signals are an important factor in cat communication.

  • When cats rub their head or body with each other or with some objects, they release pheromones and oils from the scent glands that are cited on their heads, chins, and cheeks. Felines exchange scent when they rub their tails with each other. They can also rub their body with some objects in the house to release a scent trail and leave their territory.
  • They can also spray urine to mark their territory. It is common in those cats who have access to the outdoors. But sometimes cats can do this inside the homes and the reason for this behavior might be a response to an outside cat in the house or another stress in the cat’s life.
  • Now you have learned a lot about the different ways cats communicate. Now observe your kitty and watch their interactions. Try to decode the signals of your beloved feline.

Now we will cover How Cats Show Love For Their Owners

Cats have feelings and emotions too. They love their owners and express their love through various actions. But the way felines express their love and affection to their owners is very different from human’s way of expressing love. There are many ways your cat can show its love and affection for you. Here we are telling you some ways, your cat can use to tell you that it likes you.

1. Purring

Purring is the most obvious and common way cats use to show their love to their loved ones. You can say cats have a little motor inside them, which start when they are happy, relaxed, and excited. You can hear the rumbling voice of cats when they enjoy something. But sometimes purring indicates the sadness of your cat.

2. Rolling

Kitties tend to throw themselves on the ground and start rolling on the ground. When you are playing with your cat and your cat starts rolling, it’s a sign that your cat likes you.

3. Bunting

Bunting is a big sign that your cat likes you very much. When your cat starts rubbing its cheeks, head, or body with some object or with you, it’s a way that cat is trying to leave his scent on you and showing great love for you.

4. Scratching

Some cats scratch to show their love. When cats like or love something they start scratching. You should pay attention to know where your cat scratches more or it may be the areas associated with the owner.

5. Kneading

Kneading behavior is mostly associated with kittens. Kitties knead against the breast of their mother to induce milk to be released. Adult cats can practice this behavior when they are extremely happy and feel relaxed and loved. Cats mostly do this when they are sitting on their owner’s lap and show their love by kneading.

6. Hunting Prey And Gift It

It is the most beautiful way for cats to show their love to their owners. Cats can catch a toy, mouse, or insect and present and share their bounty with those they truly love. If your cat does this, it means your kitty loves you so much.

7. Playing

Kittens love to play when they are happy and feel loved. They are most likely to play with a trustworthy and loved playmate. They can play with you if they think you are a loving companion.

8. Sleeping

Most felines sleep 16 hours a day. The place where your cat snoozes must be secure and clean. They choose the place for their sleeping which they like. If a cat sleeps on your lap, it is a big sign that your cat loves you deeply.

9. Loving Eyes

Cat Eyes are the most powerful part of the body to express their love for their loved ones. When a cat places their faces and wide eyes open near you, this means they like you. Cats can also blink their eyes when they are trying to show their love for you. Cats’ eye blink is considered a kiss from their side.

  • Tail Posture

If you have ever petted a cat then you must see an “elevator butt” pose. In this way, cats invite your attention to the base of the tail. They love being scratched on this body area.  Cats also show their love by using their upright tails. If your cat comes to you with its tail straight and the end of the tail slightly tipped over, this means your cat wants to tell you that he loves you. Kittens do this with their mother to show their love and respect while adult cats do this with their loved ones.

  • Meow

Meowing is also a big sign that indicates that your cat loves you. Most kitties do not meow at other kitties. Kittens meow to their mother to show their love. Cats do not talk to people they dislike. If your cat meow at you very often, you are his love.

  • Licking

Cats spend a big amount of time self-grooming. Some friendly cats groom each other too. But if a cat licks your skin or hair even nibbling or sucking on it is a great way of expressing their love and affection to you. They lick only those they truly love.


If you are a pet lover then petting a cat is the best option. When you pet a cat, you must notice all the things, their body language, and their vocal cues. So it will help you to understand what your cat wants and trying to tell you.

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