Adopting a puppy can be a little confusing. Dogs have various breeds so it is difficult to decide what breed to adopt. If you have a certain breed in your mind, it will be easier for you to choose the dog from the shelter. In this article, we are going to go over Border collie. You are going to learn everything that makes them a good pet and what things should consider before signing the paperwork.

Border collie does not like to be outdoors for a long time. If you leave them alone they will get bored, aggressive, and feel lonely. They love to run outside but not all day. This breed is energetic and loves to play with other dogs and kids. As they are good at picking things, handle and train them nicely. If you want a loyal and playful companion then go for it.

Here we are sharing 10 aspects you need to know before adopting a puppy.

1. They are full of energy

Border Collie energy

If you are thinking to adopt an energetic dog with incredible endurance and unbelievable strength a border collie is perfect for you. This is an athletic breed that will be the perfect addition to your family. But also keep in mind that they are energetic dogs so regular walks are a must for them. Preventing them to play or keeping in a small area will cause an overload of energy and as a result, they can be aggressive or show negative behaviors. So before petting them always make sure that you have plenty of space in your home to run and play. In this way, they may burn off some of the fuel.

2. They are highly intelligent

Intelligent Border Collie

Your border puppy is so small and intelligent. You should give them tasks to keep them engaged and they will enjoy it. As they are intelligent they can pick things easily. So it is easy to train them. They like to work and keep their owners happy and satisfied. Train them and they will never make you disappointed. Your puppy will enjoy the training.

3. You need to keep an eye on them

Border Collie Disease

Usually, this dog breed lives a long and happy life with minimum attacks by various fatal diseases.  But it does not work all the time. There may be a possibility that your newly adopted puppy might be one of the unlucky few. There is no specific way to know that your puppy is going to have some problems in the future. You need to keep a strict eye on them to notice symptoms or certain signs. You should keep a check on some important things like weak eyesight, poor mobility, seizure activity, and hearing loss. Take care of your puppy properly to help them live longer.

4. They are easy to groom

Border Collie Grooming

While looking at your collie pup, you may think that you have to do a lot of grooming because of their medium-sized coat but the reality is quite different. They do not need a lot of grooming, giving them a bath per month is enough for your puppy. You can also brush their teeth once or twice a week but it is not that necessary. The good thing about this breed is minimal shedding. Yes, a collie puppy does not shed more. They do not require a lot of brushing. Brush your puppy once a week will help them to minimize shedding and will keep your home clean and hair-free.

5. They need a high protein diet

Border Collie Diet

As they are highly active and energetic dogs so they need a high protein diet. High protein will help to make their muscles strong and powerful. To maintain their energy high protein diet is a must because they are energetic and playful they need a balanced diet to maintain their energy level. Carb’s are also very important in their diet. Give them a high protein and high carb diet in the morning and a protein diet in the evening. Usually serving size ranges from 1.5 to 2 cups of meal that is split into two meals daily.

6. They need socialization

Border Collie Socialize

Socializing your little puppy will bring a lot of benefits. If you want your puppy to be healthy and happy it is mandatory to give them playtime. In this way, they will get a chance to burn excess energy. When you socialize with your dog, it will help them to be more confident and avoid shyness and aggressiveness. They will come to know how to behave with other animals and children. So make sure to social them.

7. Cats are iffy

Border Collie with Cats

Always monitor when your puppy is near to a cat. These are herding dogs so they will always feel the need to attempt and corral your cat. Try to let them stay away from cats because cats could not enjoy their behavior. As they are energetic or sometimes aggressive too, they can harm cats.

8. Breeder VS Shelter

Border Collie Breeder

You might think breeder is a better option but it is not the case every time. Border collies wish to have their forever home and love their owners so much. So try to find a dog in a shelter first. It will also cost you less because buying a collie from a breeder may cost you about $200 while adopting from a shelter can cost you only $50 or $100. With your money, you will get a chance to save the life of one dog. So it is always better to get a puppy from a shelter.

9. They can be motivating

Border Collie Puppy

Believe it or not but this is true. Bringing a collie puppy home will also bring motivation to your life. This large supply of energy will make you move from your couch and get moving. As this puppy is so energetic so you have to be active and smart to control your buddy. In the starting, it will be a little difficult if you are a lazy person but with time this will become a habit.

10. They are kid-friendly

Border Collie Motivating

Yes, they are great with kids and love to play with them. Border collie knows how to behave with kids and enjoy their company. They love children and protect them when needed and that shows their loyalty. But you should also teach your kids how to play and behave with your puppy. Tell them not to sit on their back and avoid tail pulling because this can drive them angry or they can be aggressive. Always monitor when your kid is playing with your puppy.

11. They have broken all kinds of records

Border Collie Record

A border collie named Chaser is considered the world’s most intelligent dog and knows thousands of names of objects. Another dog of this breed named Jumpy has a Guinness world book record in dog skateboarding, doing 100 meters in less than 20 seconds. Striker, another dog of this breed holds a canine record for rolling down the manual car window. Sweat pea a female dog set a balanced record by balancing a can on her head and walking 100 meters within only 2 minutes and 55 seconds.

12. They make outstanding actors

Border Collie Actor

Yes, this intelligent breed can learn acting and appear in many films and TV shows. In the film “Babe” they acted as herders. They also appeared in the 90’s television season “Mad about you”. Not only these they have been cast in “Snowdogs” and “Animal Forum”.

13. They bark a lot

Border Collie Bark

As they are energetic dogs so always ready to bark. This can be irritating sometimes for you and your neighbors but do not worry this is the highly intelligent breed you can train them to bark less. If you are a person who does not like noise and always wants peace then this breed is not for you.

14. They are Great search and Rescue Dogs

Border Collie searcher

With herding dogs, they are also rescuing dogs. A puppy named Blitz belongs to this breed and recently saved the life of a 51-year-old woman living in England. The woman was missing for several days when a rescue team brought her dog Blitz to that area and he found his owner. They are also involved in various police operations.

15. They are champion herders

Border Collie Champions

This breed was initially bred to herd sheep. Border collie excels in this by their intelligence, stamina, work ethic, and strength. They are good at using their eyes to intimidate members of the flock.


The border collie is an active breed and good for those who want an energetic and playful partner. Little grooming, easy to train, loyalty, and their energetic and playful nature are the reasons that make them an ideal family pet. There you got all the important information one should need to know before adopting them. Now make a move and go adopt one.

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