Black Cane Corso


Owing to a puppy and then caring for them is the most important. Cane Corso is a beautiful breed and requires proper care like any other breed. They are easy to handle and care for as compared to other large dog breeds. It is the most popular breed among dog lovers. 


This is the large breed in the Mastiff family and they are faster, more athletic, and more agile than their larger Mastiff breed members. Came Corso has great energy and is too adventurous. They need to get exercise daily so they can bring their energy out. You have to socialize your puppy at an early stage and give them proper training to be well-behaved adult dogs. This breed is highly loyal and wants to spend time with its families. If they feel left alone or neglected they may be destructive.

If you are going to adopt a cane Corso, you can do research and follow the tips of experts for a better experience. Here we are sharing 10 tips to care for cane Corso. 

1. Set Boundaries For Your Puppy

Behavior is learned just like any other child, puppies also need to learn how to behave. Set boundaries for a puppy to make him realize what you are expecting from him. 

  • There is no more stressful thing than having a destructive dog and being out of control. Simple tasks even walking with your dog in a park will be a miserable experience if your dog is not trained and is ill-mannered. It will be very difficult to allow your dog in outdoor activities without proper training.
  • If he thinks like he is the boss it is difficult to revert his thinking. So do not allow him to show dominance. Train him from the very first day. This will be good for you and your puppy. 

2. Crate Train

This is the best way to keep your puppy housebroken and it also teaches your dog to know when he is allowed to enter the house.

  • Most people think it is not fair but the reality is the opposite according to the experts. Crates are just like dens which are usually used for wild environments. Puppies feel protected, safe and secure in dens. Your puppy will experience the same protection and security in the crate and it will also give him a teaching tool.
  • Dogs that are allowed to roam freely in the house feel like they can walk anywhere anytime in the house. This habit creates a lot of problems for their owners.

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3. Squash Separation Anxiety

When puppies move to a new place or a new owner, they make a sound that feels like they are sad or crying. They need time to adjust to a new place. 

  • Hearing a puppy cry is painful for some people. Many puppies cry starting when you adopt them then you do everything to please them. You stay near to him and talk the baby talk because you think they are sad or missing their old place and people. But in reality, they are not necessarily crying for something but sometimes trying to learn to control their new owner. 
  • Each time he is catered to while crying or whining he learns to control you. This will make him a needy dog or may result in separation anxiety. Squash the behavior by realizing that it is ok for him to whine and cry in the crate. This will save you from the problems that he is going to create in his adulthood. 

4. Social Socialize Your Puppy

Socializing is the main thing in producing a happy, healthy, and well-behaved adult dog. Without socializing with your pet, he will never know how to behave with your friends, kids, and other dogs. 

  • Think of the situation that you plan for all the places and people your dog will be with you and how you want your dog to behave with these people and places. Allowing your puppy to socialize will teach him to handle all these kinds of situations and people throughout his life. 
  • The more he will be exposed to as a puppy the more he will behave well with children, dogs, and other people in his adulthood. If you will not allow your puppy to play and socialize with children and other dogs, he will be aggressive with them when grows up because he does not know how to behave with them. Socialize your beloved puppy in all kinds of situations and environments to make him a sensible dog. 

5. Feed Your Puppy Right

From a young age, your puppy needs a balanced diet. In setting a diet plan consult your breeder about what type of food they were giving to him and set the diet plan accordingly. 

  • If you want to change the brand of food because of any reason do not do this instantly. Instead, start mixing the old brand food which he was given with the new brand in it. Do this for several weeks by increasing the quantity of the new brand in the old one and then completely feeding the new brand. 
  • No matter what brand you choose but it must be containing all the essential nutrients that he needs to be a healthy dog. Feed him a balanced diet.
  • Never use food as a training tool because it will leave a bad impact on his personality. So be careful how you use it. 

6. Give Him a Playtime

This is an active breed fond of playing and likes to run and use his mind in different activities. Start playing with your puppy at a young age so he will come to know what to expect and realize how to play with kids and dogs.

  • Give your puppy dog games to play so that he will be more active and smarter. You can research different playing games for your puppy to increase his activity. 
  • Playing with your puppy keeps him happy, healthy, and energetic. Games give him the to exercise daily. Set his routine for when to play and for how much time.

7. How To Teach Them Discipline

Puppies can be frustrating if you do not teach them discipline. Proper training and care are necessary to bring discipline into your puppy’s life. It will be good for both you and your puppy. 

● Your puppy can do plenty of mistakes as he learns how to behave well. Do not shout at them when you are exhausted instead teach them with care and love. 


● Be calm with your lovely pet, because humbleness and discipline will help him to understand what he did wrong. If you behave rudely with them they will become sad or aggressive. So be gentle and treat your dog nicely. 

8. Cane Corso Grooming

Brush your dog frequently to reduce shedding and to keep them clean. Check for fleas and clicks every day, especially during hot weather. 

  • Mostly Cane Corso does not require frequent baths, if you bathe them for few times a year it will work. 
  • Comb your puppy coat and cut out any mats. When you bathe him, rinse out all the soap thoroughly because dirt will stick to the soap. Keep them clean always. 

9. How to Handle a Cane Corso

This breed is easy to handle than any other breed. You can carry them easily as compared to other large dogs.

  • If you want to carry your puppy with you take one hand under his chest and another hand in supporting his ramp and legs. 
  • Never attempt to hold your puppy, with forelegs, tail, or nape. If you have an adult cane Corso, then lift him from the underside, bracing her chest with one arm and rear them with another hand. 

10. House for Cane Corso

Your puppy needs a cozy bed and a peaceful home to relax. You can buy a bed for your puppy or make a dog house from wood in the home. Place a clean and comfortable pillow on his bed. 

  • Make sure your puppy’s home is clean. Wash his bed covering very often. Your puppy can be unwell if you do not keep his home clean.
  • Place a bowl of water in the home during summer. When your puppy stays outside in the summer and plays, they require a lot of water to drink.
  • House protection is also very important. Your puppy’s home should be strong and protected so that any other animal cannot harm your puppy. 


Cane Corso is a beautiful dog breed. If you own them caring is a must. Without proper care, your puppy can be sick. Follow all the tips for their caring mentioned above. If you feel any difficulty in caring for and handling your puppy because of any reason, do let us know by comments we will be pleased to help you. Good luck! 

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