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British longhair

British Longhair Cat – A fascinating cat

Breed sketch: Name: The British longhair cat Colour: white, brown, and silver Coat: bi-colour solid tabby Height: 12- 14 inches Life span: 15 to 17 years Personality: loving and affectionate Table of Content:       Introduction       History  ...

French Bulldog Eye allergies

Table of Content: Dry Eye Syndrome. Uveitis Cherry Eye Distichiasis Entropion Corneal Ulcers HOW DO YOU TAKE CARE OF A FRENCH BULLDOG’S EYES Eye allergy is a common disease in French bulldogs. If your Frenchie...
Nebelung Cat breed

The Nebelung Cat breed – Everything worth knowing.

Table of Content: History Characteristics Health problems Personality Diet Care Frequently asked questions Conclusion The Nebelung is a new and relatively rare breed, and they are close relatives of the short-haired Russian Blue. The Nebelung is...
eliminate dog smell

What to do if your house smells like dog.

Table of Content:  What to do if your house smells like a dog Personal Hygiene Dog Hygiene Get rid of carpeting How to get the Dog’s smell out of your house Air freshener Vacuum ...
remove dog smell

10 helpful ways to remove the dog’s smell out of the couch

Table of Content:  The best ways to get rid of Dog’s smell out of the couch Steam clean Use baking soda+ vinegar Enzyme-based products Wash your couch Vacuum Store-bought cleaner  Microfiber cloth Use a...
dog has Frito feet

Frito Feet – Why dogs smell like Frito feet

Table of Content:  Why dog smells like frito feet What causes Frito feet? Does your dog’s diet cause Frito feet? What do I do if my dog has Frito feet? Why does my dog...
skunk smell from dog

Effective Ways to remove skunk smell from the dog

This Article Includes:  What is Skunk smell? What to do If a skunk sprayed your dog Natural methods to get rid of the skunk smell on dog The best way to get rid of...
dog's pee smell

How to get rid of dog’s pee smell – The Ultimate Tips and Tricks

In this article following topics are discussed: Tips and tricks to get rid of dog’s pee smell How to do it? Identifying and easy Process Some other natural methods to Remove Dog’s pee smell ...
French bulldog

A Researched study to Teacup French Bulldog (Health care, Types)

In this article following topics are concluded: The appearance of Teacup French bulldog Common health problems Characteristics of teacup Frenchie Care of teacup Frenchie Diet of teacup Frenchie bulldog Pros of having teacup French...

Doctor Pregnancy Guide of French bulldog: Signs and Care Tips

In this article you will read about: Pregnancy of French Bulldog The process to get a female Frenchie pregnant Signs of pregnancy Stages of pregnancy Care tips for pregnant French bulldog French bulldog pregnancy...



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