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Old German Owl Pigeon: Breed Guide

The Old German Owl Pigeon is a fascinating and distinctive pigeon with a calm and laid-back personality, which makes it a great pet and show pigeon with its intriguing and graceful style.

Ice Pigeon: A standard but Beautiful Pigeon Breed

Numerous fancy pigeons are available in Germany, and the ice pigeon is also one of them. It is renowned as being Polish: Lazurek and German: Eistaube. The German pigeon is one of the oldest species of pigeon.

Albino Pigeon: A rare and beautiful pigeon breed

The Albino pigeon is renowned for its practical and attentive looks. It is also scarce, with only 1% of pigeons living in the wild and on rocks being albino.

Electric Blue Cichlid: Traits, Types, and all you should know

The term "electric blue cichlid" is used to describe a variety of cichlid species in the aquarium trade. However, not all of them naturally possess these colors. Light blue may be highly harmful in nature, despite being a prevalent color in the aquarium hobby.

The pouter pigeon, A beautiful bird

The domesticated Columba livia rock dove, known as a pouter pigeon, has an enormous, inflated crop. Because of their distinctive looks, they are retained as decorative or fancy breeds. The only thing potatoes have in common, aside from how the crop is grown, is their wide variety.

Fat Monkeys: Reasons and Prevention

Fat monkeys are becoming visible in most areas. Overweighting is not a good sign for their health, and an ordinary human being cannot help the fat monkeys in the jungles and forests. He can prove himself a well-wisher of his apes. The best way to keep them slim is to provide them with controlled diet food with accurate protein and fat levels. Besides, he can give fat monkeys a particular room to wander freely and play games that he likes

Bubble Eye Goldfish: Entire information

Introduction to the article A freshwater species known as the Bubble Eye Goldfish has an incredibly distinctive appearance. They resemble cartoons nearly precisely and are one of the most well-known goldfish breeds. Everyone wants to...

Baby Horse Hooves: A Comprehensive Guide

Riding is the primary reason for keeping horses nowadays, and riding without the healthy hooves of a stallion is impossible. It is an often used idiom: "no hooves, no horse." These words are pretty enough to represent the significance of horse hooves. Horse hooves or their feet are called eponychium.

The Angry Monkey: Signs and Your Other Questions

Monkey attacks are sporadic in the wild because the animals are usually terrified of humans and frequently flee when someone approaches within 100 feet. However, as monkey habitats are lost throughout the world, they have begun to dwell closer to people, which leads to conflict.

All you want to know about Blue Eye Fish- Trevalla

The blue-eye trevalla is a large, thick-bodied finfish readily available throughout the year and has developed a significant following over the past twenty years. Excellent for eating, its flesh has a moderate flavor.



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